Endurance Team

The FBL-Endurance Team

Everyone in the FBL-Community is welcome to join the Endurance Team when it’s getting on track for Special Events or for Endurance Series on iRacing.

First of all it’s always a lot of fun, when we got on track together as a Team. Secondly, there is a lot that can be learnt from these events, as it presents a different kind of racing, which is also similar to what we do in our Radical Endurance Championship.

You can be part of the team as driver and/or spotter, and we are not too concerned about the result. So do not hesitate to join the Endurance Team!
We will help you get up on pace, and know so much good and bad things just happen during these long races.

Still not convinced? Our races are streamed by Iwan Bremer and Alfonso Ruiz, and just think of what endurance racing did to Fernando Alonso! 🙂