WTEC 2021

Colin Wynn and Getting Everything Together

In the end it was a more than deserved P4 in the Championship, with one win in the season. But Colin could have won more and even come out on top in the end. We talked with him about his last season, and his journey into simracing.

The new Champion of the FBL

Last time we talked to Nihad Gluscic, he had just won his first race in the fbl-championships. Now he has taken the crown of the WTEC 2021 by 1 point in a highly dramatic season finale in Interlagos. Of course we know you want to hear more of him.

What a Season by M*rlboro!

Nihad Gluscic and Daniele Cascard took the Team-Championship in the penultimate race of the season. And they were racing each other for the drivers-title in the season finale at Interlagos. Is there anyone able to stop them?

Gluscic took the championship by one point!

It was the Season Finale at Interlagos. It was the first Broadcast of the FBL in collaboration with James Parfitt. ReWatch Alfons Ruiz win at Interlagos and the dramatic battle for the Championship until the final lap!

First Practice at Suzuka

With a 1:53.877 Alfonso Ruiz set the fastest lap of FP1. Together with Iwan Bremer the two Martinis put Nihad Gluscic under pressure.

No room for errors anymore.

Eyebrows were raised when Kapeller crossed the finish-line in P2 at Brands Hatch, just seconds ahead of Gulf teammate and Championship contender Brumby. Will Gulf follow Marlboro to team-orders for the last three races, and what will Marlboro do? A preview towards the season finale.

Bebb wins at Brands Hatch!

As he missed qualifying, Charlie had to fight his way to victory from the back. Gulf in championship-mode again, with Kapeller on P2 and Brumby on P3. Simkens shines bright, but gambles away a podium with his strategy. Marlboro to pieces and Wynn adds a chapter to his pit stop story.

Get ready for Brands Hatch tonight!

Round 7 of the WTEC 2021 will take place this Sunday – and a lot is at stake when the stage will be set for the final races. FP1 already showed raw pace and some surprises.

Charlie Bebb, the Daytona 24 and the FBL

While everyone in the fbl-community was preparing for the heat of Monza, Bebb went to win the Daytona 24 with his team UK SimRacing Silver. That raised some questions – how did they manage to do that, and what else do we need to know about him? 

Colin’s Perspective in the Heat of Monza

Colin Wynn had a hell of a race again. Watch some of the best wheel to wheel racing in the battle for P1 between him, Brumby, Gluscic and Bremer … until Colin rage quitted after 66 Minutes as his pit crew destroyed all his chances for the win again!

Straight out of (Green) Hell

Renders raced to victory at the Nordschleife, Gluscic to the lead in the championship, Brumby back to Brands Hatch 2021 and Ruiz to shatter his and Bebb’s chance for the win.

Colin’s Perspective through the Nordschleife

Starting P2 on the grid with a fabulous 6:26.796 and crossing the finish line just 0.182 seconds behind P3 after 90 minutes of racing at the Nordschleife. Take a look at last sunday’s race from Colin’s perspective and figure out where he might have put in a little ton of fuel too much.

Renders wins in the Green Hell!

With a lead of 1.2 seconds after 90 minutes, Renders gives the championship the 5th winner in the 5th race. Brumby beaten in the final laps. Gluscic takes the lead in the championship with a P3 just 0.15 seconds ahead of Wynn. After 65 minutes the dream of victory came to an end for Ruiz and Bebb when they collide in battle.

FBL-Community wakes up from hibernation!

The Green Hell hosted the first session of the WTEC in 2022. FP1 showed that Charlie Bebb is fast as ever, and reigning champion Nathan Brumby is back in business.