About Us

The FBL Community was brought to live by Roberto Modena and Umberto Napoleoni during the pandemic-spring in 2021, racing the Radical SR8 in a six race lasting season on iRacing.
After having finished it’s first season, Sandro Kapeller organized the community spin-off STEC 2021 (Summer Time Endurance Championship), and the FBL Community is now heading towards it’s third season.
The WTEC 2021 (Winter Time Endurance Championship) to start on November, 7th 2021 will see a ten race lasting season throughout the global winter time.

In addition to the general championships, Iwan Bremer brought to live the FBL-Racing Team, that represents the FBL Community in official iRacing Endurance series, as well as in special events throughout the simracing world.