What a Season by M*rlboro!

Nihad Gluscic and Daniele Cascardo took the Team-Championship in the penultimate race of the season. And they were racing each other for the driver-title in the season finale at Interlagos. Is there anyone able to challenge them?

No, that has not been a typical situation during the WTEC 2021.

WTEC. One gets reminded of Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton getting on track alongside Nico Rosberg, when thinking about Team Marlboro’s WTEC 2021 season. Driver-Champion, Vice-Champion and Team-Champion combined in the hands of a Team that was formed to beat Team Gulf, but exceeded everyone’s expectations and might be the Team to beat for years.

Some facts on their season?
+ 4 Race Wins (Sebring, Montreal, Monza, Spa)
+ One 1-2 Finish (Montreal)
+ 4 Double Podiums (Mosport, Road Atlanta, Montreal, Monza)
+ 12 Podiums Combined
+ One Driver on the Podium in 8 of 10 Races

Not enough? Hitting the track just 9 of 10 times, Daniele got 7 Pole Positions, 7 Fastest Laps, and while Nihad ruled the world in regard of Points for Incidents, Cascardo also made it to P3 in this statistic. To sum up, Team Marlboro seems to have everything. So who could keep them from domination?

New challlengers on the horizon!

But towards the end of the season one could feel a change in competitiveness within the field. And there was. Colin Wynn showed that he got on top of his pit stop problems with his victory at Suzuka. Graeme Brown was racing at the front of the field during the last races. And Alfons Ruiz was on fire towards the end of the season, taking two pole positions, a fastest lap and winning the final race at Interlagos. Statistics on the last three races confirm this impression.

Daniele Cascardo68
Alfons Ruiz66
Colin Wynn66
Graeme Brown64
Nihad Gluscic58
Performance of Drives in the final 3 Races.
Red Bull130
Performance of Teams in the final 3 Races.

And in addtion, there is Joost Simkens, who has been struck hard by bad luck during the first part of the season, and missed some races towards the end, just as he had been in the fight for the win at Brands Hatch. There’s Charlie Bebb, who took two wins and a P2 in four races. There’s Nathan Brumby who missed the last race and his chance to take the crown. And we don’t even know yet which drivers and teams will join for the next FBL-Championships.

So one thing is clear – Marlboro is the Team to beat, but they will face a proper challenge in the next season!

Next seasons:
+ RSC 22/1 (Radical Sprint Championship) starting 29th of April.
+ REC 2022 (Radical Endurance Championship) starting 1st of May.

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