FBL-Community wakes up from hibernation!

The Green Hell hosted the first session of the WTEC in 2022. FP1 made us realize that Charlie Bebb is fast as ever, and reigning champion Nathan Brumby is back in business.

WTEC 2021. The FBL-Community is hitting the track again this week after taking a way too long Xmas-break. After the field was visiting tracks in North-America for the first part of the season, the European part is meant to take off at the Nurburgring Nordschleife this Sunday. Yesterday the field was down for a new year shake-down in FP1.

Like at Road Atlanta, Charlie Bebb (Camrbian Sim Racing) set the fastest lap of FP1 again. A 6:29.999 made him the only driver to get beyond the 6:30s, and nearly a second clear of Nathan Brumby (Gulf) in P2 (6:30.941). Thomas Renders with 3rd- and Joost Simkens setting the 4th fastest lap, showed Racing Team Den Kaap to be strong again – but closely followed by Colyn Wynn (Red Bull) and Iwan Bremer (Martini).

The other Gulf-Driver, Sandro Kapeller, was obviously struggling with both – keeping his Radical fast and safe, leaving him with a lot of work to do until raceday. David Wilkinson (Sunoco) didn’t manage to write a time on the table.

The Sprint-Race

It was obvious to spectators, that the drivers were meant to complete different programs. Iwan Bremer and Thomas Renders made some research into the starting procedure. Sandro Kapeller was eager to determine the grip-limit of his cold tyres. Joost Simkens down to play mind games against Colin Wynn, brake-testing him when he was following him closely during the first lap.

Nathan Brumby won the Sprint by giving a performance of pace and experience to Charlieb Bebb. Same did Colin Wynn to finish P2 and Thomas Renders in P3 – despite a waltz with Bremer at the race start. David Wilkinson came in 4th, while starting from the back of the field.

Next Session
Round 5 of the WTEC 2021 on Sunday, January 9th 2022
# 18:45 GMT: 50 Minutes Practice
# 19:35 GMT: 25 Minutes Open Qualifying
# 20:00 GMT: 5 Minuntes Warm-Up
# 20:05 GMT: 90 Minutes of Race-Action

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