Charlie Bebb, the Daytona 24 and the FBL

While everyone in the fbl-community was preparing for the heat of Monza, Bebb went to win the Daytona 24 with his team UK SimRacing Silver. That raised some questions – how did they manage to do that, and what else do we need to know about him? 

FBL: Congrats for your victory at the 24h of Daytona last weekend! Has your team already been able to party hard?

Bebb: Thank you. To be honest, we were all so tired, I think we all went straight to bed! I grabbed an hour or so of sleep, then managed to venture out for a celebratory beer. A big shout out to the other guys, Dom Roberts, Stuart Bickley, and Tim Darracott.

FBL: You raced as team UK Simracing – Silver, are you hitting the track with them on a regular basis?

Bebb: I think after our win we’re keen to try and do a few more events together. I think the next one on the calendar is Sebring 12 hours, so we’ll see how we get on.

With UK Simracing Silver he won the Daytona 24

FBL: A lot of things have to be done the right way to win a 24 hour race.  What has been key for the victory?

Bebb: We were just very lucky to not have many incidents during the race, and collected very little damage. We just kept it clean and consistent.

FBL: So beside being engaged in the fbl-community, you are obviously running other categories and races too 😉 Where can we meet you on track?

Bebb: Previously I’ve spent a lot of time racing GT3 in the UK Simracing leagues, then a little bit of ESS in the LMP2, but recently it’s mostly just been Radicals with FBL.

FBL: How did you find your way into simracing? We know you joined iRacing in 2015, but your iRating implies you’ve been away for a couple of years?

Bebb: I’ve had a very basic setup for years where I’ve just dropped in and out of iRacing, but just over a year ago I made the jump and bought a proper rig. I’ve always been playing some sort of racing game on the computer, the first racing game I played was Accolade’s Grand Prix Circuit as a child back in the late 80s!

That’s the place where Charlie makes things happen.

FBL: This season, for the first time, we have the pleasure of having you on the track with us. And you already manged to win round 3 at Road Atlanta. How has your season been so far?

Bebb: When I’ve had time to race I think it’s been going pretty well, it’s a great group of people within FBL to race with. It’s nice to have such clean and competitive racing. The 90 minute races have taken a bit of getting used to – prior to Daytona these were the longest races I’d ever done.

FBL: Within the fbl you are racing as Cambrian Sim Racing, together with Nicholas Allen. Did you know each other before, and is Cambrian Sim Racing more than just your team in the fbl?

Bebb: Nick and I met last year via the UK Simracing Radical league, where Nick very kindly wiped me out in T1 in one of the early races, and we’ve been mates ever since. Nick got involved in FBL before me, and he and Colin Wynn persuaded me to come and join you guys – with Nick offering me a spot in his CSR team, to try and see how we would fair in the team championship.

In the FBL-Community Bebb is part of the Cambrian Sim Racing Team

FBL: Your guess for the Top 3 in the Driver- and Team-Championship?

Bebb: Between Nathan, Nihad, and Daniele, it’s hard to say who’s going to come out on top, and for the top 3 there are so many fast drivers in the league, that a bad result or two from those 3 could see them overtaken in the standings. I think Nihad and Daniele have got the team championship sown up with their team. The pair of them are always at the top of the standings!


Located: Oxford, UK

Profession: Racing car designer

Simracing Highlights: 2022 Daytona 24 hour winner

Instagram: @DrPistonBroke

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