Colin Wynn and Getting Everything Together

In the end it was a more than deserved P4 in the Championship, with one win in the season. But Colin could have won more and even come out on top in the end. We talked with him about his last season, and his journey into simracing.

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If only he had been on track …

Nathan Brumby missed the chance for the drivers-title when taking a flight instead of getting on track for the season-finale. He’s still a FBL-Champion, but now former has to be added.

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The new Champion of the FBL

Last time we talked to Nihad Gluscic, he had just won his first race in the fbl-championships. Now he has taken the crown of the WTEC 2021 by 1 point in a highly dramatic season finale in Interlagos. Of course we know you want to hear more of him.

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Knock-knock! Who’s there? Pace!

Daniele Cascardo has been the benchmark for pace in the last fbl season. But the title was denied to him in a heartbreaking way again. It’s clear we needed to talk!

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What a Season by M*rlboro!

Nihad Gluscic and Daniele Cascard took the Team-Championship in the penultimate race of the season. And they were racing each other for the drivers-title in the season finale at Interlagos. Is there anyone able to stop them?

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